Our team has a successful history in assisting homeowners in Cook County to obtain reductions in assessed values. Our proprietary technology will ensure that your case is handled effectively and efficiently. We will provide you with vigorous representation and outstanding customer service.

If your property has been overassessed, you’ll soon see a significant increase in your tax burden. It’s incredibly common for the assessor to get it wrong. But when they do – we can make it right. We’re so confident in our ability to successfully appeal your tax increase, that if you don’t get a reduction – we don’t charge a fee. Upon our successful appeal, we will only charge you 30% of your 1st year tax savings. That’s significant money staying in your pocket.

We’re ready to file your appeal today. With one simple call to our office, we will match the appropriate level of expertise to your real estate tax matter, and begin to discuss how much money we can save for you.