We provide close, personal service to families and their investment and pro­fes­sion­al advisors to formulate comprehensive estate plans for the transfer of family wealth over several generations. Proper planning does more than just provide for the transfer of assets at death. We work with our clients to create unique estate and business plans that preserve assets and minimize taxes, both during their lives and, often, for many years beyond.

A complete estate and business plan may involve not only the execution of wills and trusts but also the establishment of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and charitable foundations and the transfer of assets to those entities to implement a plan. We also work with other family advisors, including accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, insurance agents and other attorneys to ensure a proper and complete analysis and development of a plan which is tailor-made for our client’s individual needs and concerns.

Whether or not the decedent had a Will, the primary way to transfer assets from the name of the deceased to the beneficiaries is to go through the probate process. Probate, the court’s oversight of the distribution of the estate’s assets, is generally needed to gain access to bank accounts or to re-title real property. This process may seem simple, but it can often touch on sensitive family issues and can become difficult to manage.

We work with clients and personal representatives to ensure that all aspects of estate administration come to resolution as quickly as possible. We understand the need to handle these matters delicately and promptly, and we offer the proper guidance to our clients throughout this complicated, yet necessary process.